My daily tech-stack

See what i´m taking with me day by day..

My daily tech-stack

In our days, tech is the most important topic for almost everyone of us. 
Everyday we’re taking our smartphones, tablet or laptops with us.
Today i wanna show you, which tech I’m carrying almost everyday with me. (And also my tech-stack for work.)

The North Face Access Pack

Okay.. This is not really tech related. But it carries all my devices.
It’s the best backpack I’ve ever owned. I think, i don’t need to explain, why this is the best backpack for people like me!

MacBook Pro 13“ (2017) with Touch Bar

I love apple. Really. And i really love the MacBook Pro.
It is the best device for developers, designers and musicians. In my case, it´s the device of choice, when it comes to performance (Since my IDE needs a lot of resources.)

I got the MacBook Pro 13“ with Touch Bar, 3,1 GHZ i5, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD.
And it fits my needs perfectly.

iPad Pro 12,9“

I love the iPad Pro! For real! Especially with you have the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard in place. It’s definitely the best combination for taking notes, sketching logos/images/whatever and doing other stuff.

(This article is written on the iPad with the Ulysses App.)

iPhone X

Of course i also got the iPhone X. It’s one of the best devices ever! The camera is clear and bright, the performance is incredible and the display is awesome! I never go out without my iPhone. It’s like i feel naked, when i leave the house without my iPhone. I love to take photos with my iPhone, taking quick notes (when i have a new idea for an application or product) and playing games when I’m on a train, bus or whatever.

I can highly recommend the iPhone X to people, who don’t have ever worked with an iOS device before, since the whole user-experience has become better and better with every update for iOS.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 MK2

I’m an audiophile. I never left my house without headphones. I really like to listen to music on my way to the office or somewhere else. But i also love good sound. I like to don’t hear anything around me, when I’m wearing my headphones. The Bose QC 35 MK2 are one of my favorite purchases for this year so far.

Apple AirPods

Yep. The AirPods are also in my backpack. But since my ears aren’t made for in-ears, i prefer to wear my Bose QC35 MK2.

LG 34UC99-W (34“ Ultra Wide Curved Display with USB-C)

Since i have the new MacBook Pro, i needed an external display with USB-C support. The LG 34UC99-W was the best choice for my needs. The coolest thing about this display is, that i only have one single cable on my desk. The USB-C cable to connect my MacBook with the display.
I can easily charge my MacBook using the display, make use of the built-in speakers and of the USB (USB3) ports. It is so sharp and clear that i never want to miss it at my home-office.


So that’s it for the moment, I’m writing these lines.
This is my daily tech-stack for work, surfing the internet or mobile-gaming.

If you have any products, you can recommend, please let me know!
I love to play around with gadgets and other cool tech-stuff.

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